Saturday, 10 November 2012

Oh, you're here?

Hello and Welcome!
If you've found your way here you may be an aspiring writer, caught some where between an idea and a long journey? Or are you further in your journey and remembering the days when you were yourself writing your first ever draft of your first best seller? (HAHA!)
What ever the reason, or what ever brought you here, I'm glad you came.
Kimberly Taylor is my pen name. Yes I really am going to use a pen name. Why? I hear you ask... Just because (sticky beaks ;)).
Your next question, I'm sure, is why this blog is called Under the Fig Tree. Herein lies a tale...
Just kidding! I may be a writer, but if your looking for beautiful, lengthy prose here your not likely to find it. Its named this because I generally write outside on my laptop. I also have a gorgeous, leafy Fig tree in the back yard. So I tend to always be 'Under the Fig Tree'.

This blog will hopefully chronicle my journey from a nobody to becoming an actual Author, of books yeah? At times I take things very seriously, but mostly I'm far more relaxed, as you can see here. I am currently beginning the first draft of my first novel. No, I haven't much experience in writing a novel. I do hope that my enthusiasm and some good research will answer the questions I come up with on my journey. I also hope that you enjoy following along. If you are a fellow writer starting out, or want to live vicariously through my blog then I welcome you!

Please, take a look around and make your self comfortable, this could take a while...

Best Wishes,

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